Access Industrial Automation

We Are Your Access To Automation!

Access Industrial Automation

We Are Your Access To Automation!

Factory Automation Services

AIA has helped hundreds of manufacturing companies design and automate their processes by managing their entire automation infrastructure. We provide a complete solution that includes design, integration, installation, and maintenance of all automation equipment. We also offer comprehensive training to help your employees operate your machinery efficiently. These services are delivered by a team of experienced automation engineers and program managers to ensure the highest quality, reliability, and productivity in your plant.

Our Quality Certification:

Rockwell Automation Specialist
Stratus Solutions
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Our Focus

Design and Development

Design and develop automation solutions that meet varying business demands. Create a positive user experience. Increase the flexibility and performance of customer processes. Make technology an asset not a problem. 

Implement/Integrate and Commission

Implement and Integrate automation solutions successfully and timely the first time. Decrease commissioning time by creating programs that are modular, adaptable, and scalable. 


Support customers and the AIA team. Increase customer satisfaction by timely responses, understanding their need and exceeding their expectations. Provide support to customers enabling them to achieve their desired goals and initiatives. 


Continuously evaluate and measure quality by using balanced scorecard metrics, customer feedback, and tracking support calls, commissioning, and debugging. 


We will design complete control systems including network design. Our services include PLC programing, HMI/SCADA, and panel builds. We specialize in Food/Beverage, Packaging, and Automotive system design.


Visualization is an important part of any automated system. HMI and SCADA systems allow operators and their supervisors to control and monitor automated systems.


The heart of any automated system is the processor that controls the system. PLCs are just that, they are the brains that control the devices in many systems.

Panel Build

Control systems and their devices are housed in electrical enclosures. These enclosures are carefully designed to meet the requirement of their functional need. The design/build of these enclosures we refer to as a Panel Build.

Our Core Values

A focus on constant improvement in these core values is our aim


Honesty & Integrity


Innovative Thought


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